Tom Chant – Stripped Abstract


Stripped Abstract

Conceived by Tom Chant

Played by:

Núria Andorrà: bass drum/rice
Tom Chant: soprano saxophone
Ferran Fages: acoustic guitar/ebow
Ángel Faraldo: no-input mixing desk/cardboard boxes
Ramon Prats: snare drum
Alex Reviriego: double bass
Vasco Trilla: cymbal/magnetic tape

Recorded Wednesday 7th June 2017 at Església de Sant Romà de Miànigues, Banyoles, Spain.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lopinski

Cover art by Benedict Drew

This piece is an exploration of one single vaguely defined state. A state of suspension. Or bodies suspended, each vibrating to it’s own unique frequency.

The form of the piece is the state. The music is a description of the state, through sound. The performers are also the suspended bodies. And each body experiences a fluctuating state of internal tension in the act of describing this unchanging stasis.